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Cost Effective...

Piece rates and/or hourly rates. Mix and match. Flat hourly rates 24/7. We work with you during initial discussions to quickly tailor-make all-inclusive rates designed specifically for your business based on your crops, average pick rates, other duties, etc. We do this to ensure you get maximum value for every precious $$ you spend in these highly competitive times.

Assured savings you'll gain from increased productivity, dramatically reduced wastage, better quality control and no headaches with reliability, will soon make you laugh at the reservations you might have had about trialling this tested and proven labour revolution/solution.

There's little comparison between the SWP and local contractors and/or backpackers. The SWP will change the way you cost, plan and run your business all in the most positive of ways!
Our current grower clients have been enjoying dramatic productivity increase, near nil wastage and a constant source of competent, reliable and loyal seasonal workers for the last four years.

Ultimately, Horticulture / Viticulture companies will only remain competitive by locking in a secure, productive and reliable seasonal workforce. It is important that managers clearly understand the benefits available to their business under the current Federal Government Pacific Seasonal Workers Program. The use of Pacific Seasonal Workers under a coordinated and Government backed initiative opens up a myriad of opportunities for informed growers to secure a better return on their farm’s capital and infrastructure investment.

Almost every year, the number of reliable seasonal workers in Australia significantly falls below the quota needed to guarantee the reliable and timely delivery of the annual harvest.  As the horticulture industry matures and world demand for Australian produce increases, labour shortages are becoming a significant threat to the success of many growers. Band-aid measures such as using back-packers, with their renowned lack of commitment or engagement of transient, often illegal and uninsured, contract labour gangs are not a practical way to build a sustainable, internationally competitive industry.

The Pacific Seasonal Worker Program offers tremendous scope for innovative managers / proprietors to engage reliable and above all productive labour whilst reducing costly overheads in respect to spoilage and repetitive training. Coupling the program’s access to a huge motivated and fit workforce with Connect Group - Seasonal Workers Australia’s ability to create ground-breaking labour packages will deliver to growers a new dynamic in tackling productivity and worker shortfalls.

The majority of professional growers know that in today’s industrial relations climate the use of grey or borderline legal labour is thwart with danger as it risks both social and legal condemnation. Even more compelling is the need to have a stable and dependable labour pool built up over seasons of training and education. This can only be achieved when there is certainty that the time and effort invested into training will pay dividend. Only the Pacific Seasonal Workers Program offers this potential as it is designed to encourage the same, experienced workers to return year after year.

Determining the price of labour is complex. Looking at the best price as simply the lowest rate per hour is a deeply flawed and simplistic approach. Even basic tasks requiring general labourers, general packing hands or process workers can be made more cost effective by engaging and motivating the right people. Results (productivity) drive down overheads. It is far less costly to hire 10 focused highly productive Pacific Seasonal Workers than 15 indifferent individuals doing the same job. 

Be in full control of your labour force and production planning again. Call us for an obligation-free chat on:

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  Benefits of using a Pacific Seasonal workforce
  • Flexibility and higher output
  • Provision of specialized skills
  • Easier motivation – better outcomes
  • Add & reduce workforce for seasonal demand
  • Recruitment pool culls the best workers
  • Results based payment options – eliminate penalties
  • Easier budgeting & forecasting
  • Lower administration and compliance costs
  We understand exactly what you are going through when it comes to finding reliable and productive labour. Take advantage of our combined 50+ years of experience in the labour hire and human resources management industry and let us provide you with a complete solution to your labour problem!