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Benefits of engaging pacific seasonal workers through Seasonal Workers Australia
(a division of Connect Group)

As Australia’s most experienced provider under the program, with more workers across more states you can be assured of the right advice, professional service and highly competitive pricing!

Productive and Reliable

Pacific seasonal workers are productive, reliable and loyal. Their aims are straightforward; to work hard for you from day one forward, earn good money and return for your harvest season after season.

Proven Independent Research Fact - Pacific Seasonal Workers are at least 22% more productive than Working Holiday Visa workers and also far more reliable than most contracting gangs!

The men and women are yours to direct 24/7 and are contracted ONLY to work for your enterprise or those farms within your group so they won’t disappear on you. This is an amazing opportunity for them and it’s seized with both hands!

Why endure the hassles of unreliable,transient workers and dubious contractors who can leave you legally exposed and in the public eye for all the wrong reasons?
No more mid-season walk-outs with sleepless nights, loss of production, sourcing and training costs to contend with. This is a proven method of engaging productive farm seasonal labour and will offer you opportunities and confidence as never before! Consider the possibilities.

 Training for a guaranteed labour source year in year out

The initial 2 - 4 weeks of engagement will be a learning curve and set the tone for both grower and your pacific seasonal workforce moving forward!
As a grower, ensuring that initial on-the-job training of these workers to your requirements - both in performance, quality control and other measures you dictate, is a one-off time investment that will pay dividends many times over. Once fully trained, these workers will hit the ground running season after season and will train other new arrivals!

Imagine. No more training and re-training of changing workers during the season let alone finding costly replacements. Sleep easy!

Hassle Free Engagement

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in innovative labour sourcing and management. The pacific seasonal workers are our employees and we sponsor them minimising any input you have to consider in these areas.
We will take care of all the hard work behind the scenes freeing up your time to concentrate on your business.Sleep much more peacefully when you have a proactive and highly experienced people partner working with you.
Let us take care of your people needs so you can focus more on expanding your operations and finding more customers!

We’re there with you from season start to finish

Once your worker requirements, pricing and other details have been finalised, we’ll initiate the off-shore recruitment process. From the initial pre-screening to visa application lodgement, flights and on-arrival transfer, we will ensure that workers arrive fully focused, fit and ready to commence work on your farm. Our team will be there for you and the workers throughout their stay, assisting you to maximise the benefits achievable under this unique seasonal workers labour program!

Finding out more about the possibilities is as easy as clicking on a mouse or making a quick call to us. A no-obligation 15 minute chat will provide you with much further detail and assist you with your consideration.
It could be one of the most profitable 15 minutes you’ve spent on your business…

Seasonal Workers Australia : (03) 9792 1949 or Mobile: 0421 905 429 (Kevin) Mobile: 0417 347 716 (Michael)

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  Additional benefits of using a pacific seasonal workforce
  • Flexibility
  • Provision of specialized skills
  • Easier motivation – better outcomes
  • Results based payment options – eliminate penalties
  • Easier budgeting & forecasting
  • Lower administration and compliance costs
  We understand exactly what you are going through when it comes to finding reliable and productive labour. Take advantage of our combined 50+ years of experience in the labour hire and human resources management industry and let us provide you with a complete solution to your labour problem!